If you can stop you just might cause an accident, which can be detrimental to yours and your family’s safety.


Most motorists understand the importance of quality tires, but what’s not always understood are the other components of the suspension.


Before this happens to you, call us. We diagnose your overheating problem and provide the needed repairs. Fast and effective radiator repair and replacement.


At Precise Auto Repairs, we want to help you maintain your vehicle and taking care of your transmission is of paramount importance.

Air Conditioning

Get the blast back with El Guerrero Auto Repair complete air conditioning repair. Our expert auto technicians offer the best car service and AC repair at the best prices.


To solve this problem, take your car to El Guerrero Auto Repair, Illinois hometown auto repair shop. We can then provide the necessary repairs.

Emission Test

We can examine your vehicle and assess whether or not you will meet Illinois Emissions Testing standard. There are a number of reasons why a vehicle may fail an emissions test and most of them are related to preventative maintenance repairs.